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Cat Blue GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
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How does a war start? Is there logic to it?
Sometimes, shockingly it's just a matter of vanity.

Breakfast with President Laurent of Gaul.

He was taking his breakfast early on the balcony in the presidential palace.  Hollenberq, the chief of staff, waited upon him – ready for his daily instructions.

            ‘I am President, no?’

            ‘Yes, your Excellency.’

            ‘Then if I want the bombing to continue it follows the bombing will continue – yes?’

            ‘Naturally, your Excellency.  But there is so much ruination.  The air fleet wanted me to say that they are running out of targets…’

            The diminutive President for Life contemplated this as he decapitated a boiled egg.  ‘That is not my concern.  I want Inglund flattened.  I want it be nothing but a blank canvas smeared with their blood.  I am an artist, Hollenberq.  I make art with blood.’

            ‘Yes, your Excellency.’

            ‘And prepare the invasion force.  I want them in control of Lundein by Friday.  You understand?  I promised Madame Lauren we would declare victory on Friday.  Make it so.’

            ‘Absolutely, your Excellency.’

            ‘History will not remember them.  There is no history for Inglund.  I, President Lauren will rewrite all of Europa’s history and all will fear my name.’

            ‘Without question, your Excellency.  Without question.’

            The President smiled with satisfaction and scooped out the egg yolk to smear on his toast.  Inglund would be his blank canvas and it would be remade by Gaul.  No one would remember Inglund at all.  No one.

More Information from Gaul: Wiki-Sci Entries are sparse. This is all McReady could find online:

Gaul Present: President Laurent, Felix (President for Life)
Pop: 33 Million (census: 4685)
Language: - a mixture of early Celt and contemporary Roman and Frank, much like 20th Linqua Franca.  Early history shows that the original Gauls were overwhelmed by the Salique Franks a long time ago.  Modern Gaulish evolved along similar lines to French.
Economy: - agrarian/ viticulture/some manufacturing/shipping/fishing

Lugdunum (Lyon)
In the year 4704 President for Life Felix Laurent of Gaul and the Atlantic Region alliance made approaches to the Chancellor of Inglund with respect to joining forces to repel the prospect of a Rhinelanders invasion of Comata.  Inglund declared that its neutrality in all things European was paramount and refused to come to the aide of Gaul.  In 4706, following the successful and sudden defeat of the Rhineland Army at Pictones, Gaul turned its attention to Inglund again and gave them a simple ultimatum.  Pay up for the cost of the defence of Gallia Comata from the Rhinelanders or face obliteration.  Inglund chose its fate and two months later war began.

Another Place To Die
The Heaviness
Girl with Cat (Blue)  


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