'The Repercussions of Tomas D'
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'Awesome book. Saska is fierce, a true heroine...'
'An exciting and fast paced story'. DJA Amazon
'It is a funny, bloody, colorful narrative that never fails to surprise the reader. Girl with Cat (Blue) provides great entertainment'.  Allen Cook
'This has all the qualities looked for in a YA novel...' Rubery Book Award 2018
'The alternative London is well imagined and believable' - www.SFCrowsnest.info
Rubery Shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award 2018 Lynx Blue Cat

Celebrating the publications of Ruya (The Heaviness in Turkish) and VoLontaires (The Repossession en Francaise).
Another Place To Die
The Heaviness
Girl with Cat (Blue)

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Discover The Heaviness - Genie and Ri are still together - but who will tear them apart?

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Feedback from Readers
Part Three of the Genie Magee story 'The Heaviness' available print or Kindle ebook - Order from Amazon here

Another Place to Die: Endtime Chronicles

'I was drawn into the story immediately and couldn't put it down. The characters are still with me. Excellent book.' Nick11 Amazon UK

A great story, well told - Austin - Amazon UK

Hi from Meg, (after reading The Heaviness)
These were the best books I have ever read please write more about Rian and Genie . Will there be a wedding?

Hi, I'm Lily Wozencroft
I'd just like to say that you have changed the way I read books forever. When I first saw your book, The Repossession, I can admit, I wasn't crazy about it but it seemed that I was so intrigued by the story of Genie Magee, how she suffered, how she fought for her love with Ri, and how she's running for her life, I couldn't put it down, really, the amount of times I got told off for staying up was unreal...

Dear Sam,
I find it hard to find books i like, but The Repossesion and The Hunting are the best books I have read in years! I was wondering, are you going to write more books for this fantastic Duo of books? It's a unique series of books and you leave me wanting to read more! I have re-read my Two books so many times i feel like i am revisiting old friends. I'm on the edge of my seat at each nail biting moment even though i know what it will progess to. I love your writing and just wondered, is there any more to come from Genie, Rian and Renee? Thank you for reading this, all the best.
Chloe Faulkner. Romford Jan 2014

Dear Sam Hawksmoor
I enjoyed your books the Repossession and the Hunting so much I couldn't put them down!! When I finished it I was very disappointed that it was over, but then at the back I saw it said there was another book called the Hunting. That's when I got exited. I got my mum to buy it for me and I read it in record time! They are the BEST books I've ever read and I am hoping to buy some of your others.
The real reason I am writing is to ask whether there will be another in the series, the ending was a bit of a cliff hanger and I really want to know what will happen to Genie and Rian (the cutest couple ever) and of course Renee!
Annabel Reynard (I'm 11 by the way)

Hi there,
I just finished your book 'The Hunting'. I live in Kerikeri, New Zealand and of all the books I have ever read in my life (which is a lot) your two books are by far the best. I just LOVE everything to do with these books, I love the scientific side of the stories with things that seem impossible like teleportation. I am still buzzing after the exciting end of the second book and all I want to do is read another one. Please write another book because these books are too good to just end there. Genie, Ri and Renee arent safe yet - Schneider is still on the loose and the fortress still have a chance of recovering. Please write another book!Thanks - Lauren Harrell - Age 13

I love the Repossession and The Hunting. Are you writing anymore of the series? I love the relationship between Genie and Rian. All the characters are awesome and you really want to get to the Reverand because he's such a evil character. I love the bit when Genie rescues the pig, it makes my laugh, I feel like I can really relate to her feelings about animals and loving the countryside. I would love to read more about them. Thanks for writing such great books! - Bethanie

Sam, I am absolutely loving The Repercussions of Tomas D - The idea is fantastic and even though I am reading it on Kindle (let's face it, book lovers love books...old fashion ones!) I am truly enjoying it! Daniela

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