Restoration of Ami
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Studebaker Golden Hawk
Studebaker Golden Hawk

The Restoration of Ami
A Road Trip Nightmare
Published 2.29.24
B0CVQMH78C - Kindle
ISBN 13 :
978-1-7385181-0-4 - Print

Finally my new novel 'The Restoration of Ami' is published in print and ebook.

Synopsis: Remy has one last obsession – to complete the restoration of his ’57 Studebaker Golden Hawk.  He’s planned a road trip to Montreal to find a part he desperately needs. It’s a long way from Florida; his Chevy truck is almost as old as he is. There are doubts he’ll be able to make the drive, doubts about his bladder, his heart, but he’s determined to go.

At the very first urgent stop in the pouring rain, a dog appears from nowhere and jumps into his truck, quickly followed by a drenched teen. Scared, the girl, Ami, urgently needs a ride. She has escaped from a nearby religious cult and is desperate to find the mother who abandoned her when she was just five years old.

For Ami everything is new, all modern life was shunned at the farm. Remy worries she will be bitterly disappointed when she finally meets her mother who may not welcome her back.

One old man, a troubled teenage girl and Stan the dog are on a road trip into MAGA America where violence and grievance stalk the land. With each mile they travel towards Montreal it seems to get further away.

Hammer & Tong - KDP
ASIN: B0CVQMH78C - Kindle
ISBN 13: 978-1-7385181-0-4 - Print

Read an extract from the first chapter

It’s a terrific story with engaging, interesting characters. What a wonderful dog!’
Walli Leff – New York

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Hawksmoor published by
Hammer & Tong (UK)

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