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About the writing of Girl With Cat (Blue)

Believing in a multiverse is one thing - actually crossing over into one is risks madness. Discover Lundein - at war with the French (Gauls) - meet Saska Chancellor and her Blue Lynx defending the city to the last, all the while seeking a tunnel to London buried somewhere under the rubble, never quite believing it is real.
'Saska is awesome' Amazon.co.uk

CatBlue If someone came up to you and said they were from a parallel world - in fact came from the same city you were living in but with a different name and history - a city that was at war with the French (The Gauls) you'd back away right? Find an excuse and run. It's uncomfortable talking to someone who probably believes aliens are controlling their mind or at least Trump's mind (oh shoot - that bit's true, sorry). Anyway you get my point. So that's how Girl With Cat (Blue) began. No, not aliens - but standing in a Vancouver Gallery before a beautiful painting of a girl from another planet, her loyal Blue Cat at her feet. I talked to the artist and he claimed he'd dreamt this girl was real and spoke to him and she insisted he had to paint her. Crazy? Possibly. But as I walked back to my Kitsilano apartment I was intrigued.

About a year later - I too was visited by the girl in my dreams, who crouched in my window and berated me for not writing her story. The image was so real I can still see her there with an extremely a cross expression on her face. I was then in an apartment six floors up and it was impossible for her to be there or real, but nevertheless it was inexplicably detailed right down to her cracked leather boots and blood-stained scarf. I began to think about her a lot and once I discovered her name - Saska - I began to write. But if Saska existed in a parallel world then it was likely that she would have a doppelganger in this world! Once I found Jules and then Merry and the geek McReady I had everything I needed to get started. But then everyone knows that if you meet your doppelganger one of you dies ....

Creating two worlds is hard. Saska's London required mapping and discussions on architecture, rules and politics.
Our present day London might be oblivious to other dimension possibilities, but if they exist, where do they exist? All these things needed to be planned and it involved much walking over London where histories intersect all the time.
If two worlds exist in the same space - how does that work? Is everything the same just with a different names or does it have different geography? It would certainly have different wars and causes. Explaining all that and keeping a story going is a lot like building a house. It needs walls and stairs and support structures. Is a chair in this world the same in another? Is there electricity in both or something else? How do they treat diseases or religion? It is endless. You have to think about what people eat in both worlds and what they might call the food. Attitudes, religion, prejudices all must play a part and reimagining what Europe might look like on a map in Saska's world was essential.

Then of course, flying an airship. What keeps them up in the air? How to destroy them? What other weapons might the enemy have and how would they treat their captives? Every little thing has to be thought through. And most important - keeping Cat alive, no matter what. It's harder than you think.

Read it for yourself and discover Saska and Cat's world.

*Recently I have been adapting the book for TV in the hopes it finds an audience. Seven 60 minute episodes completed. So much has to be left out but it's a curiously good exercise for a writer to see what is important in a story and how things can change. Many hours of work so far but hopefully worthwhile. You learn a great deal of respect of other writers who have adapted novels for cinema over time. I expect I have not been ruthless enough. Casting it will be a nightmare.

I can't say more of course, but I hope you too will be haunted by the Girl with Cat (Blue).

Read the First Chapter Here

*It was great to discover that Girl with Cat (Blue) was shortlisted for the Rubery International Book Award July 2018. It's a very tough panel and to get near the top prize against entries from all across the world is pretty special.
Excellent to get good reviews on SFCrowsnest.info too and then an Honorable Mention from Writer's Digest 26th Annual Self-Publishing Awards. *Oh yes and here's a nice review for J&K 4Ever from the USA recently posted.
Thanks too to all those who have been buying The Heaviness recently. It's the last call for Genie Magee and Rian.
Keep the faith that their relationship will endure - no matter what.

© Sam Hawksmoor 2021
You can download Girl with Cat (Blue) or order the print version here

Rubery Girl with Cat (Blue) Shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award - review
Lynx Blue Cat
Writers Digest Award
'This book was amazing! I was hooked from the first few pages and couldn't put the book down.'
Judge, 26th Annual Writer’s Digest  Book Awards
If you have read this far, download the Kindle or buy the print version of Girl with Cat (Blue) personally I think it's my best book and I can't believe how many years it took to complete. I await for Saska to come back to my dreams and tell me what happens next. One day, who knows, the story will continue. We shall see.

GIRL WITH CAT (Blue) available on Kindle and in Print from Hammer & Tong on Amazon
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