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'Desperate kidnappers, crazy experiments, the evil Reverend Schneider, a genuine love story, what's not to like about 'The Heaviness.'' Sara Troy PLV Radio

'...exciting, affectionate. Definitely recommended. Begin the series here!' : Goodreads.com

Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to save Rian or he dies.

Hammer & Tong
ISBN 13: 978-1497508033
224 pages Paperback +
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The Fortress has been shut down, all the employees either tied up in court or looking for jobs elsewhere. Spurlake is suffering as jobs and businesses close. Reverend Schneider has gone to ground, wanted for the murders of Mrs Finney and Cary in the hospital. Genie's happy being back on the farm with Moucher, learning new skills and taking care of Marshall - tinkering in the new barn - trying to replicate Cary's anti-gravity experiment. So far without any success.  Genie is just happy he’s recovered from the fire and busy.

The Heaviness

Rian getting offers for College places.  But the more they talk about college, the more Genie worries whether their teen romance can survive?   Once Rian gets to where he wants to study he’ll be distracted by other girls and Genie frets he’ll forget her. As her Grandma once said: Love is like smoke, the scent of it lingers long after the fire is out.’

‘There’s a part of you that sent him off on a path away from you, y’know.’ Her Grandma pointed out.
Genie sighed. ‘I just wanted him to be happy and …’
‘At the cost of your happiness.’
‘Yeah,’ she drawled.  It was true. 
‘And now he’s flying into danger.’
‘But I don’t know what the danger is.’

All this is about to change – radically. Did you think Genie and Ri could be left alone forever?

Cary died experimenting with anti-gravity. 
Someone somewhere wants that data urgently and is prepared to do something very desperate to get it.  
Somewhere in the city, a meaner, vengeful Reverend Schneider is thinking of revenge.
Genie is about to wake up to a whole lot of trouble and discover that some people will do anything to get what they want. It won’t be nice or pretty. Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to save Rian or he dies.

Moving Hay (*extract from The Heaviness)
Sam Hawksmoor
The time of the great experiment had arrived.  Genie really didn’t think that Marshall was going to get Chris’ theories to work.  He’d been trying for months now with no success, but it at least it made him happy.  Happiness was a new experience for her; it seemed to vanish like mist when you least expected it.

• Marcel D’Agneau
interviews Sam Hawksmoor as the third and final volume of The Repossession trilogy is published -

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