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Discover the latest Genie Magee adventure
The Heaviness is still available so don't despair. Genie lives!

The Heavines

Background to anti-gravity research for THE HEAVINESS here

Further reading and more pictures of Spurlake can be found here ...more

The Character Profiles in the Genie Magee stories

Rian Tulane profile
‘Didn’t your mother know Ryan has a ‘y’ in it?’
‘Why not just call you Rain – you look miserable enough’.
‘Ree what?’
Rian pronounced Ree-an was pretty used to people never getting his name right.  From the moment he hit kindergarten all the way to High School not one teacher ever got it right or even tried to say it correctly once Rian had told them how to say it ...more

Renee Profile
Testing the outer limits of the Fortress was on of the important things Renee liked to do.  As if this proved she was still alive, although 99 percent of her knew she wasn’t.  Being neither alive nor dead or even an apparition or ghost was deeply unsatisfactory.  Sometimes she thought she’d stretch how far she could go to the limit and everything would snap and they’d lose her forever and this would be a good day ...more

Reverend Schneider Profile
It was a bright summer’s day.  Genie discovered she was standing by the riverside. Beside her a rush of water cascaded over a small waterfall that flowed into the Spur River.  She noticed a huge barge was docked by the old pier.  An ancient steam locomotive was busy shunting wagons up and down the single track to the edge of the pier. Behind her Spurlake glistened in the sunshine and although she could see the Anglican Church spire in the distance, she noticed all kinds of buildings were missing from the town ...more

Moucher Profile
You know when someone is a dog person and you definitely know when they’re not. I admit that when I arrived at Marshall’s farm I was so scared I wet myself and pretty much everything else. It was clear from the first day that she’s changed her mind about wanting a puppy and wanted to send me back ...more


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