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D4RK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts

D4rk Inside by Jeyn Roberts Published 2012
Macmillan - Hardback
ISBN 978-0-230-75618-2

The Big One finally strikes the West Coast of North America devastating cities from LA all the way up to Canada. Most likely millions are dead, communications are down and as the survivors stagger around dazed something really odd is happening.

Mason, Clementine, Aries, Michael have all survived in different locations. Most of their friends and families are dead but now their own survival is in question.  The earthquake seems to have released some kind of ‘Red Mist’ rage in the other survivors.  It drives them to go around in packs killing and burning any survivors, especially normal unaffected ones. The police can’t help, they too are targets, no one can.  It’s bad enough with no food and water, but now you have these raging and often cunning zombies to deal with who seem to have superhuman skills at sniffing out survivors.  Worse you can’t hear them coming. Yes it has shades of 28 Days Later. Rage Rules.

Circumstances drive the kids westwards towards Vancouver where they believe it is safe.  But in Jeyn Roberts D4rk Inside – you can be sure nowhere is safe. Clementine is searching for her brother Heath who she is sure has survived. But is he infected? Mason isn't sure he is still sane and worries the rage virus is inside him. Can one resist? The story is pacy and unsentimental. Jeyn Roberts really takes us there and she knows surviving this isn't going to be easy.

If you love an apocalyptic tale with gory details – this is one very vivid account of a major tragedy,  Just remember…trust no one, especially that boy Daniel who smiles at you…


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