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GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
Published by Hammer & Tong (Print edition)
ISBN-13: 978-1545156629
*Kindle edition on Amazon - ASIN:B076JLMXNN

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'Awesome book. Saska is fierce, a true heroine...' KT
'An exciting and fast paced story'. DJA Amazon

'a funny, bloody, colorful narrative that never fails to surprise the reader. Girl with Cat (Blue) provides great entertainment'.  A.C.
'This has all the qualities looked for in a YA novel...' Rubery Book Award 2018
'The alternative London is well imagined and believable' - www.SFCrowsnest.info

*Girl with Cat - Quarter Finalist in the ISA Connect International Screenplay Competition Jan 27th 2022

Girl with Cat

Jules (15) whilst accompanying her mother to a gallery opening for refugee artists, falls in love with a painting of a girl with a huge wild blue Lynx.  When Jules and her best buddy, the geek McReady (15), meet the young artist Kye, he claims he is a refugee from a parallel city called Lundein in a country called Inglund.  Kye claims to have come to London by way of a mysterious tunnel he can no longer find. 

Meanwhile Kye’s sister, Saska Chancellor (15) and her rare Blue Lynx patrol the devastated ruins of Lundein awaiting his return.  Saska is the exact double of Jules (save for her battle scars) and one the last survivors in Lundein, a city bombed flat by the enemy. She and Cat await the return of her artist brother, Kye who fled her city by way of a mysterious tunnel to a place called London. Saska has almost given up hope. As far as she is concerned 'London doesn't exist. Has never existed and all those who say it does are liars.'

Jules wonders if any of this can be real.  McReady insists not, but Jules has quickly developed a weird connection to the girl and the blue cat.

When they meet Kye in Holland Park, (where he claims he grew up in some Castle), McReady watches Kye and Jules disappear inside a solid brick wall.  He is shocked. It's plain impossible.   But Jules and Kye have most definitely vanished.

Girl with Cat (Blue) reveals an invisible London, bombed daily by an implacable brutal enemy using technology from our world.  Saska seeks the tunnel and a way out to her brother, Kye can’t remember the way back.  Jules and McReady court madness in believing any of it is true.


'Some days I don’t believe the tunnel exists. Some days I believe what others whisper behind my back – that my brother is dead and all those who escaped are long gone, buried with the rest of our people under the city rubble. Some days I question my right to have survived everyone I know. The Gauls bomb us nightly.  People are talking of abandoning the city for the marshes.  I shall stay with Cat.  We will wait for my brother to return and when the enemy finally invade – we will kill as many as we can before we too will die.'

'Sometimes I believe my brother is happy – painting his pictures, living free, making enough money to come back for me. Sometimes I dream that this was will end and that Cat and I will survive. I know that neither version is true.'


Who painted the vivid haunting picture of Saska Chancellor and her Cat over looking the city ruins?  Why is Jules so captivated by this warrior girl and her blue cat?  There is an instant connection as if she has always known her.
When Jules and best friend McReady meet the young refugee artist who claims to have arrived in London by way of a mysterious tunnel and can’t find his way back to save his sister, Jules is hooked.  Could her story be true?  Can there really be another London – invisible, devastated, reduced to rubble in a terrible war?  She wants to save the girl with the cat (blue) but is she real or the result of a fevered imagination?

Lynx Blue Cat London doesn’t exist, has never existed and all those who say it does are liars
Girl with Cat (Blue) First Chapter

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