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The Heaviness
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Welcome - Sam Hawksmor stories, books and ideas are all stored here in various well hidden places. Glad you found me. Do make contact if you want to know more or want to talk about one of my novels. Working on the final edit of one of the two books that will come out this year. With luck the first will appear in March/April. New update will be posted here as soon as I know. 1.2.2006

The Girl who ran from the fire
The Boy who crashed the car
& Anya, the girl who can read objects
A captivating story about a father searching for his daughter

'Every few seconds something shattered and the roar of the flames was almost deafening.  Who knew a house could make so much noise when it died?'

Read the first Chapter here
Another Place To Die:

Could you live in a world where antibiotics no longer work? Think you can survive a lethal pandemic that will sweep the world? Nowhere will be safe.

Set in present day Canada and Mexico, Kira and her dog Red try to escape the virus as it becomes a frightening reality. Whatever you do, don't take the cure ...

Review: 'I was drawn into the story immediately & couldn't put it down. The characters are still with me. Excellent.'



Tomas accidentally goes back in time to London in the Blitz. Captured and tortured for what he knows about the war... WW11 abruptly ends in 1941.

The day after Tomas disappears, his girlfriend Gabriella wakes up to realise she's the only one who remembers that Germany was supposed to have lost the war...
Sample Chapter here

Review: 'Terrifying alternative outcome to WW2 - the Blitz brought vividly to life.'


A brand new Genie Magee story set in Vancouver BC. Someone with a grudge wants Genie dead. Rian is kidnapped and forced to do experiments. Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to find Rian or he dies - but the one person who can help is aleady dead. Gravity isn't the only thing that can pull you down...

Review: 'The best Genie Magee story left till last. It might just break your heart.'
Genie Magee

If you’d like to say hi, or discuss anything in the books, you can follow the link in the CONTACT page.  Be good to hear from you

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The Hunting

Sam is the Joint Editor of - Comment, Fiction, Lifestyles, Travel
Hawksmoor fiction published by Hammer & Tong

The Repossession won The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013
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